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Saubhagyaa R. Swain, an influential and powerful serial entrepreneur and industrialist of Indian origin based in London, was born on March 5; 1991. He is the founder and chairman of the “Vincitore group” unicorn company. The Indian-British business tycoon, who acquired a billion dollars by himself, was recently included in the Bloomberg Billionaires Index among other billionaires and joined the 42nd Unicorn Business in Europe and the United Kingdom. With the aid of the Vincitore Group, Mr. Swain has made significant progress toward becoming a global industry leader.

Mr. Swain has amassed a substantial fortune as a result of his willingness to take calculated risks and cultivate relationships with renowned, prominent, and influential public personalities as well as those with political connections (like the BJP, the Bharatiya Janata Party of India, and other political parties around the world). After graduating from London’s Brunel University in 2014 and beginning a career in the infrastructure industry, Swain explored an array of businesses in an effort to make profits. Following that, he founded a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant, photovoltaic power, cosmetics, refineries, skyscrapers, thermal power stations, and highways.

Saubhagyaa R Swain Wiki/Bio/Profile

Saubhagyaa R Swain (Entrepreneur) Wiki, Age, Personal Life, Net Worth & More - 3Saubhagyaa R. Swain was born on March 5, 1991 (age 31 as of 2022) in Uttar Pradesh, India. His zodiac sign is Pisces. Despite the fact that New Delhi (India) is his homeland, he now lives in London with his family. Swain is a scholar who has achieved a high level of education. During his whole life, he has had the aspiration to continue his academic achievement and become a scholar. Since a young age, Swain has been interested in Entrepreneurship and Investments. He has continually believed that being an Industrialist would allow him to live life on his phrases and encourage youngsters worldwide. Swain confronted hardships in his life whilst he became aiming to become the Entrepreneur & Industrialist he is today.

Swain has made it into the headlines. His company Vincitore Group has shot to success in a short period. Swain has pursued his MS in structural engineering and MBA in Brunel enterprise in London. Swain then moved to Europe to pursue his dream of becoming an Entrepreneur and Investor. Today he’s a co-chairman and Managing director of the rising company Vincitore Group, which has been a highly successful company in recent times.

Birthname Saubhagyaa R Swain
Also Known As SRS
Profession/Occupation Entrepreneur, Industrialist, Investor, philanthropist, and Chairman.
Date of Birth (Birthday) 5 March 1991
Age (as of 2022) 31
Birthplace Uttar Pradesh
Nationality Indian
Hometown New Delhi, Currently Settled in the United Kingdom, France.
Astrological Sign Pisces
Religion Hindu, Bharmin

Saubhagyaa R Swain Relationships & More

Mr. Saubhagyaa R. Swain is at present unmarried or single, and he is concentrating all of his emphasis on his numerous businesses. He is now working on a strategy to increase the company’s commercial operations and presence around the globe. Also, in February of 2023, he established the “Vincitore Foundation” with the purpose of promoting public and social welfare.

Marital Status Unmarried
Wife None
Girlfriend/Affairs None
Children’s None

Saubhagyaa R Swain Family & More

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Mr. Swain came from a family of Brahmins, the highest caste in Hinduism. Even though he was born in India, he and his family have made London their permanent residence. In the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, Saubhagyaa R. Swain was born to his parents, father Mr. Kedarnath Swain and Mother Mrs. Ajayashree Swain, and brought into the world. Swain has an older sister who goes by the name of Ms. Sasmita Swain. Swain has very attached to her elder sister.

From an early age, Mr. Swain was mesmerized and inspired by Mr. Dhirubai Hira Chand Ambani. The principles of persistence and perfection in one’s job are important to Saubhagyaa. Always putting Mr. Dhirubai’s advice to “think large, think fast, and think ahead” into practice, he does so without fail. Swain has always been interested in business ventures and making investments in various companies. He has always had the notion that being an industrialist would allow him to live his life on his own terms while also allowing him to contribute to the betterment of the world. As Swain rose through the ranks to become the successful entrepreneur and industrialist he is today, he encountered numerous obstacles during his career.

Parents Father Name: Kedarnath Swain
Mother Name: Ajayashree Swain
Siblings Brother Name: None
Sister Name: Sasmita Swain (Entrepreneurer)

Saubhagyaa R Swain Education:

Swain has finished the pursuit of his schooling at several well-known colleges worldwide, His undergraduate education was completed at the Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University in Lucknow, India, and he received a BTECH degree in mechanical engineering from that institution. In addition, he has a Master of Science degree in structural engineering from the University of Dundee in Scotland as well as a Master of Business Administration degree from Brunel University London in the United Kingdom. All of these universities are located in the United Kingdom. Both organizations may be found in their respective home countries of the United Kingdom. Both of these locations are available in the nation of the United Kingdom. He is now pursuing on acquiring a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree in Business Economics from the USA in order to propel himself further in his professional life. Swain has continually been an outstanding scholar in his class and has a considerable enthusiasm to examine and explore new things. Mr. Swain has determined to move to New Delhi to chase his dream of being a hit Entrepreneur.

Educational Qualification
  • Btech in mechanical
  • Master’s Degree in Structural Engineering,
  • MBA in Business
  • (Ph.D.) degree in Business Economics
School           Not Known
  • Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University
  • The Brunel University of London
  • Dundee University Scotland
  • Standford University


Saubhagyaa R. Swain has been awarded a variety of renowned titles and accolades, including:

  • “Startup of the Year Fintech 2022,”
  • “Bootstrapped Business of the Year 2021”
  • “Creative Entrepreneur of the Year 2019,”
  • “Startup Leader of the Year 2018,”
  • “Global Entrepreneur of the Year 2017”

Saubhagyaa R Swain Net Worth & More

In December 2022, Saubhagyaa R. Swain’s net worth surpassed $1.038 billion, despite the fact that fortunes were falling everywhere else. This placed him on course to become the 42nd unicorn, with a value of $3.14 billion (Vincitore Group valuation), despite the fact that fortunes everywhere else were falling. The company put about $700 million into projects in Asia and about $473 million into projects in Europe. This makes the total amount put into projects in Asia, Europe, and Saudi Arabia about $11,780 million. The value of the company’s shares rose by 54% in 2022, and it is anticipated that the value would rise by an additional 63% by November 2023. The Vincitore Group has dabbled in a variety of different sectors, including construction, the manufacturing of cement, the management of power plants, the production of textiles, the production of pharmaceuticals, and the development of personal care products.

Net Worth $ 1.038 US Billion Dollars (As of Dec 2022)

Saubhagyaa R Swain Biography, Life Story, Facts & More

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Under the Vincitore Group, he founded five international Unicorn flagships Company.

  • Vincitore Infrastructural Contracting Ltd, Established year is 2014.
  • Limited Vincitore Steel and Engineering Ltd, Established year is 2016.
  • Vincitore Lifestyle Ltd, Established year is 2018.
  • Vincitore Aesthetics International, the Established year is 2021.
  • Vincitore Pharmaceuticals and healthcare Ltd, Established year is 2023.

Since its inception, the Vincitore Group has primarily focused on serving clients in the infrastructure, civil construction, sugar refineries, commercial interiors, skyscrapers, architect services, landscape design, steel production, mechanical engineering services, and Portland cement production industries. The Vincitore Group started its growth in the cosmetics and fashion industries in 2018. When it came time to market its new endeavors, the company branded them “Vincitore Lifestyle.” Mr. Swain founded Vincitore Aesthetics in 2021 with the purpose of enhancing the company’s standing within the global business community.

His voyage so far has not exactly been trouble-free. In a relatively little period of time, Mr. Swain went from dabbling in many sectors to coming dangerously close to bankruptcy. Mr. Swain started this roller coaster trip when he experimented in many sectors. The most significant insight he has had throughout his life is that it is possible to overcome even the most difficult obstacles if one has the will to do so. This is the most crucial insight he has ever acquired in his lifetime. He is now a more powerful and influential individual because he has grown as a person and used the lessons he has gained from his past failures. Now, Mr. Swain owns five flagship enterprises that are distributed throughout a range of industries. This is a direct outcome of how much better he is at time management and planning.

Saubhagyaa R. Swain has alliances in Indian and international politics. In India, he is politically linked and inclined to the BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party). Other than his political connections to International political parties in France (Renaissance Party) and the United Kingdom, he has no further affiliations (The Conservative Party). As part of his social responsibility and environmental commitment, he directed that the corporation’s funds and resources be allocated to projects that would benefit society as a whole, such as the empowerment of women, the education of children, urban renewal, arts, culture, and heritage, disaster management, health, and rural development.

In 2022, he launched not one but three firms. “D’Space” is for commercial and residential interiors, while “D’Dermat” is for skin aesthetics and cosmetics. He devised a strategy to launch a successful firm so that his peers and society as a whole would appreciate him more.

He finally obtained what he sought, and as a consequence, he inspired a large number of individuals to start their own businesses. Vincitore Group will be the 42nd business to become a unicorn before the end of 2022. Self-funded and bootstrapped, the corporation is now valued at $3.14 billion. Now, he is moving closer and closer to a level of wealth with which few other people can compete. His ascent has been nothing less than amazing by any measure or criteria, regardless of one’s perspective. In only one year, Saubhagyaa R. Swain’s wealth increased to $1.03 billion, putting him on course to become a $3.14 billion unicorn by December 2022. This was a 103 percent rise over the previous year. According to the Bloomberg Billionaire Index, Swain became the newest member of the “CentiBillionaire Club” after attaining a net worth of one hundred billion dollars.


Saubhagyaa R. Swain has a passion for both literature and technology, and as a result, he has penned a number of novels that are expected to be bestsellers in the year 2023.

  • The Power of thinking
  • Rules for Entrepreneurial Attitude
  • An Entrepreneur’s Dark side: Entrepreneurship’s downsides

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