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Aneela Iftikhar, a name that resonates in the world of casting, brings stories to life through her exceptional talent. Born on March 1st in Lahore, Pakistan, Aneela has emerged as a prominent Casting Director known for her work in music videos and films. Let’s unravel the layers of Aneela Iftikhar’s life, exploring the person behind the casting magic.

Aneela Iftikhar Wiki/Bio/Profile

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Aneela Iftikhar’s journey began in Lahore, where she discovered her passion for casting. Her role as a Casting Director involves choosing the perfect actors for movies and music videos, ensuring they fit seamlessly into the narratives.

Birthname Aneela Iftikhar
Also Known As (AKA) Aneela
Profession/Occupation Casting Director
Date of Birth (Birthday) 1 March
Birthplace Lahore, Pakistan
Nationality Pakistani
Hometown Lahore, Pakistan
Astrological Sign Pisces
Religion Sunni Islam

Aneela Iftikhar Relationships & More

Aneela values her privacy, keeping her personal life away from the spotlight. Despite her unmarried status, her commitment to her craft is unwavering.

Marital Status Unmarried

Aneela Iftikhar Family & More

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Rooted in a supportive family, Aneela is the daughter of Sheikh Iftikhar Ul Hassan and Mumtaz Begum. Her sister, Sumbla Mumtaz, shares in the familial bonds that have played a pivotal role in shaping Aneela’s life.

Parents Father Name: Sheikh Iftikhar Ul Hassan
Mother Name: Mumtaz Begum
Siblings Sister Name: Sumbla Mumtaz

Aneela Iftikhar Education:

Aneela’s academic journey led her through Grammar School Lahore and NCBA Lahore, where she pursued a Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS). This educational background forms a unique blend with her artistic endeavours.

Educational Qualification BCS
School Grammar School Lahore
College NCBA Lahore

Aneela Iftikhar Net Worth & More

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Aneela’s success isn’t only measured in her casting brilliance but also in numbers. With a net worth of 5 million AED, she stands as a testament to the financial rewards that come with dedication to one’s craft.

In the intricate world of casting, Aneela Iftikhar stands as a casting director extraordinaire, creating narratives that resonate with audiences globally. As we delve deeper into her life story, we uncover the nuances of a woman dedicated to her art and the captivating stories she weaves through her casting choices.

Net Worth 5 Million AED

Aneela Iftikhar Biography, Life Story, Facts & More

A Casting Pioneer from Lahore: Born and raised in the vibrant city of Lahore, Aneela Iftikhar is a casting trailblazer, introducing a fresh perspective to the world of storytelling through her meticulous casting choices.

The Quiet Architect of Stories: Aneela, often known simply as Aneela, dons the hat of a Casting Director, carefully crafting narratives by seamlessly fitting actors into the roles that bring stories to life.

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Celestial Connection – A Piscean Artisan: Guided by the astrological sign of Pisces, Aneela possesses an innate artistic flair, reflected in her casting prowess that transcends the boundaries of traditional storytelling.

Family Roots and Sisterly Bonds: Grounded in a supportive family, Aneela shares a special connection with her father, Sheikh Iftikhar Ul Hassan, her mother, Mumtaz Begum, and her sister, Sumbla Mumtaz. This familial foundation has been integral to her journey.

Educational Fusion of Tech and Art: Armed with a Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS), Aneela’s educational background brings a unique blend of technical knowledge and artistic sensibility, enriching her approach to casting.

AKS Castings – A Collaborative Vision: Aneela’s collaborative spirit shines through AKS Castings, a venture she co-founded with her sister, Abeera Sheikh. This platform serves as a catalyst for budding models and talents, showcasing her commitment to nurturing new voices in the industry.

Guardian of Privacy in the Spotlight: Despite her notable career, Aneela values her privacy, keeping personal details shielded from the public eye, allowing her work to speak volumes about her dedication to the craft.

Global Impact through Casting Mastery: Aneela’s influence extends beyond borders, evident in her work on international music videos like “Now United: Lean on Me,” highlighting her ability to contribute to projects that resonate globally.

Aesthetic Preferences – Black as a Signature: Aneela’s favorite color, black, extends beyond her wardrobe to influence her casting choices, embodying a signature style that adds a touch of sophistication to her work.

Financial Triumphs – A Net Worth Tale: With an estimated net worth of 5 million AED, Aneela’s success not only echoes in critical acclaim but also in financial accomplishments, marking her as a notable figure in the competitive world of casting.

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