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You’ll not find a single field in today’s world which does not introduce itself with the term “competition”. If you wish to persevere, you need to be an expert. Prakash Dhingra is one of these experts. He is a well-rounded personality who is a banker and a biker! Prakash Dhingra is the first-class choice when it comes to investment tips. But are you an adventure seeker? He’s a top-notch expert in this field as well! So, let us not wait and delve into his enjoyable lifestyle without delay!

Prakash Dhingra Wiki/Bio/Profile

Prakash Dhingra was born on 28 March 1983 and is 39 years old (as of 2022). He was born in Tamil Nadu’s city Tiruchirapalli. The personality is a multifaceted human being. He is excellent as a banker. But he is even better as a biker! One fact that is amazing about him is that he gives equal priority to his job as well as his hobby. Prakash brings the best out of these two.

Birth name Prakash Dhingra
Birthdate/Born on 28 March 1983
Age (as of 2022) 39
Birthplace Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu
Nationality Indian
Also Known As (AKA)/Other names Rebel Biker
Occupations Investment Banker, private financer, Biker

Prakash Dhingra’s Education

The biker pursued his primary education at Baldwin’s Boys High School in Karnataka. He also has a college degree. But he did not mention his college on any social media sites.

School Baldwin’s High School
College Not known

Prakash Dhingra Family & More

Prakash has got a tiny loving family of two. He lost his father, T. Deepak Kumar, in 2021. He has his mother, Vandana. He expresses his gratitude and support towards his parents, who never restricted his dreams.

Father T. Deepak Kumar
Mother D. Vandana

Prakash Dhingra Relationships & More

Prakash Dingra is happily married. He is married to Janvi Dhingra. He also got a lovely son whom the couple named Ronak Dhingra. He wishes his son to grow up as he wishes, bringing smiles to people’s lives.

Marital Status Married
Spouse Janvi Dhingra
Children’s Ronak Dhingra

Prakash Dhingra Net Worth & More

Net Worth 15 Crores

Prakash Dhingra Biography, Life Story, Facts & More

Prakash Dhingra’s life can be described as a dual interest. He acts amazing as a banker as well as a biker. It will be unfulfilling if we do not take 5 minutes of our time to delve into his life story!

Prakash Dhingra is a fantastic personality. He got his primary education from Baldwin’s Boys High school. He has a college education but never mentions it in his accounts. He works as an investment banker creating capital for government, companies and several other entities. His industry knowledge includes financing services, financial risk, handling financial markets and dealing with financial risks like a pro entrepreneur.

He has a LinkedIn and Instagram account. He makes use of these accounts to connect with the broader society. He is based in Bengaluru, Karnataka. But his desire to assist people through his work makes him extraordinary. In one of his Instagram posts, he stated that as an Investment Banker, it’s his job to help several emerging companies and groups evolve.

His organization assist people in managing financial areas of large projects. His areas of expertise include credit, debt, leverage and banking aspects. This is one of those requirements which is globally required. Prakash Dhingra’s position as an investment banker helps people towards the evolving stones to success.

He mentioned that 2021 had been a challenging phase for him. During this time, he lost two of the essential supports of his life. His grandfather and his father’s death shattered his mental peace completely. But he persevered and got out of depression. His life story as an ordinary banker brings an extraordinary impact on his followers.

Prakash as the “rebel___biker.”

Prakash Dhingra’s life story does not end with his role as an investment banker. He is a talented biker as well. Prakash’s mindset to do something out-of-the-box in the world of brimming competition makes him one of a kind. The Bangalore-based biker has a YouTube channel to share his day-to-day adventures with his followers. He is a practical man. He sustains his lifestyle through his occupation as a banker, helping people in financial aspects. But he never forgets his passion for biking. In Instagram and LinkedIn accounts, he provides an apt introduction to his motif in life. Prakash states that one should not be scared to opt for a “different path” in life. The self-made entrepreneur also advises people to make the “best preparation” for today to reach a better tomorrow.

He collaborates with several Biking pages for bike races such as “speedtriple120rs”, “triumph motorcycles”, triumph official”, and many more. He enjoys bike races and shares these experiences in Instagram reels and videos. Seeing the biker riding without any flaw on 131KMS speed is marvellous! His guts and enthusiasm add a ray of hope to other aspiring adventurers. He also shares Bike review videos for his followers. These are very helpful for those wishing to get a quality bike. He also celebrated his 75th Independence day with a bike race.

Indeed, he is a rebel biker as he breaks through the boredom of everyday life, filling it with the glitter of unbound energy! He is one of those enthusiasts who believe age is a matter of fact. He ages gracefully with his biking skills. The 39-year-old biker has visited several awestruck places riding on his bike. The Tiruchirappalli-born artist travelled areas ranging from Srilanka to Darjeeling! After all, what is better than making the best use of your hobby? His carefree and frank attitude fetches him 24k followers on Instagram and more than 11 k followers on Facebook! He is also the owner of a 15 Crore net worth.

He lives like a teenager and earns like a man simultaneously! He is not only successful in his business field. But he is also a great father and a husband. He does his best to maintain his family’s well-being and happiness.

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